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This song is by Hell Rell and appears on the album Streets Wanna Know (2006).

My criminal career started around '93
I was young and thugging and just tuff as I could be
With a chip on my shoulder plus a mean demeanor,
It got a little meaner when my hand touched the nina.
It was all black with a fucked up handle but I loved it. mack took me to the roof and showed me how to bust it,
I was open! when that shit went bdllat and I emptied the clip and the hammer jumped back since then I slept wit it washed up in the tub with it and I was kinda broke so niggaz got stuck up with it.
Me and my man bucks went on a string of armed robberies, then I got knocked for them string of armed robberyâs
Fast forward 96 I'm back on the strip
Its looking good niggaz in the hood fucking with them bricks
Copped the tech and the .380 like who want it
Snatched up 100 grams and went straight to new london
I put a crack house on that connecticut strip
It wasnât easy I went to war for that connecticut strip
I took that block from a nigga
Who was raised there I ain't care man I had to move weight there
I donât play fair, hollow tips will leave you laid there
Iâll snatch your kids out the day care
But then london got hot I had to fall back some shit happened I can't even say on wax (can't talk about it) I'm back in the hood again like yeah what's good again
Niggaz frontin gotta make my gangsta understood again
I opened up on toppend put dimes on toppend niggaz snitchin sendin one-time to toppend the dâs rushed the crib yellin' "freezeä with they gats out I'm caught red-handed with the coke in the addicts house. sittin' on the island now they trying to finish me. I bailed out hooked up with killa the rest is history.

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