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Napuctun Speaks

This song is by Helium Vola and appears on the album Wohin? (2013).

Quod spiritu David precinuit
Nunc exposuit
Beati sunt mucrones
Quos portant Christi milites
Suffulti crucis tegmine
Sub cuius gaudent robore
Quorum felix atrocitas
Constringit te, Gentilitas
Victor imperatoris ensis
Cum mucrone Petri prisci moris
Unitate dimicans, feliciter maioris

What has been written
Will be fullfilled
What has been spoken
Will vome to be
Burn, burn, burn
On earth we shall burn
Become cinders in
The blowing wind
Drift over the land
Over the mountains
Out to sea...
So you may not comprehend it
So you may not understand it
He will come who knows
Hoe the ages unfold
Weep, weep, weep
But know, know well
Ash does not suffer

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