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This song is by Helium Vola and appears on the album Wohin? (2013).

At the end of the line
In a deserted land
The last one in the coal mine
The last one making his stand

"This might be your last chance",
The man in the job-center said
Gave him just a quick glance
From his eyes, those eyes he had seen
Seen before... long ago... where had he seen these eyes?

Excalibur, the world is on fire
Excalibur, world in confusion
Excalibur, common desire
Excalibur, vainly illusion
Excalibur, waiting in seclusion
Excalibur, vainly illusion

Digging in darkness
A mighty scorcher
Like lost in the deep
In his lonesome torture

Lost in a side corridor
Night or day, he could'nt tell anymore
Reaching for a hold
When he felt something cold,
Something hard, maybe old, something strange and cold


And he dug in the mud with bare hands
And he felt those eyes on him still
And he heard invocations like in a trance
And the voices started to sing:
"We're waiting for the order, all troops on stand by,
In the name of the exploiteds,
In the name of justice, in the name of freedom,
We're ready to die!"
And he reached for the hilt... in one go... held it up...
And he touched the sky...


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