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Sam Bass

This song is by Hein & Oss and appears on the album Cowboylieder (1980).

Sam Bass was born in Indiana, which was his native home
Before he reached young manhood, the boy began to roam
He first came out to Texas, a cowboy for to be -
A better hearted fellow you scarce could hope to see!

Sam bought him first some race stock and also the Denton mare
He matched her in all races and took her to the fair
He fairly coined money and spent it frank and free
He drank the best of whiskey, wherever he might be

He left where he was working on pretty summer day
A-heading for the Black Hills with his cattle and his pay
In Custer City sold the lot and then went on a spree
His chums they was all cowboys, rough and hard as they could be

A-riding back to Texas, they robbed the U. P.-train
For safety split in couples and started out again
The Sheriff took Joe Collings, who had a sack of mail
And with his partner landed him inside the county jail

Now Sam, he had four partners, all bold and darin' bad
There was Richardson and Jackson, Jo Collins and Old Cart
More daring bolder outlaws the rangers never knew
They dodget the Texas Rangers and the they beat them too

Sam met his fate at Round Rock, July the twenty-first
They dropped the boy with rifle-balls and then they took his purse
Poor Sam, he is a dead lad, and six foot under clay
And Jackson in the mesquite aiming to get away

Perhaps he's got to heaven, there's none of us can say
My guess it is and sumrise, he's gone the other way!
And if brave Sam should see him as in the place he rolls
There'll be a lively mixup down there among the coals


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