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The Swedish title of this song is "VargTimmen". The English translation is "Hour of the Wolf".
Oh I shouldn't sing, oh I should not
Oh I shouldn't sing, oh I should not
Oh neither rejoice, at all, at all
Oh neither rejoice, at all, at all

Deep inside the heart lurks
betrayal and the lies
in what way could I speak to be
not only mild but wise?
I can't undo what has been done
nor can I change my name
'fore you have forgiveness won
bite the head off of your shame

I swear I never wanted to
cause you harm or hurt
but the way that I look now
would force my eyes to avert
I am you offending
the night is suspending
the sinner is awake
it's the hour of the wolf

I told you that I loved you
and it's very true
but there is someone else
instead of only you
I could gobble up her
with drooling jaws her take
nothing can stop me from it
if just for its own sake

in my loneliness --
and no one else will know
my love is for the both of you
that's the cause of all my woes
without punishment and
with no regret?
knowing this at least:
It's the hour of the beast

Oh I shouldn't sing, should not
Oh neither rejoice, rejoice at all at all
Oh I have a darling, a darling a-wandering
Oh I have a lover, a lover a-roaming

may I come to you now
but for just a little while?
Luther has gone home and
I'll kiss your face and smile
then I'll make my mind up
there is yet a little time
I know exactly what I'm doing
it's my life and it's my crime

up until this day of days
I thought myself as a lamb
and when I change my ways
that will be what I am
I'm giving up it all
my ultimate downfall
the morning sun's glow
will chase off the wolf