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In Battle... (1998)

Heaven Shall Burn - In Battle...

In Battle...

  1. Partisan
  2. Forthcoming Fire
  3. Thoughts of Superiority
  4. Mandatory
  5. The Fallen
2002 Re-Release Bonus Tracks
  1. Partisan 2002
  2. Eternal
  3. Demise
  4. Competition in Hatred (Abhinanda cover)

The Heaven Shall Burn and Fall of Serenity Split (1999)

Heaven Shall Burn And Fall Of Serenity - The Heaven Shall Burn And Fall Of Serenity Split

The Heaven Shall Burn And Fall Of Serenity Split

  • Split album with Fall Of Serenity, to see full track listing, visit the album page.
  1. Enemy Unseen
  2. Ultima Ratio
  3. If This Is a Man
  4. Contrition

The Split Program (2000)

Caliban And Heaven Shall Burn - The Split Program

The Split Program

  • Split album with Caliban, to see full track listing, visit the album page.
  1. Suffocated in the Exhaust of Our Machines
  2. No Single Inch
  3. The Seventh Cross
  4. One More Lie (cover of "One More Lie" by Caliban)

Asunder (2000)



  1. To Inherit the Guilt
  2. Cold
  3. Betrayed Again
  4. Deification
  5. Pass Away
  6. Open Arms to the Future
  7. The Drowned and the Saved
  8. Where is the Light
  9. Asunder
  10. The Fourth Crusade (Bolt Thrower cover)
  11. Battlecries (cover of "Battlecries" by Liar)

Whatever It May Take (2002)


Whatever It May Take

  1. Intro
  2. Behind a Wall of Silence
  3. The Worlds in Me
  4. The Martyr's Blood
  5. It Burns Within
  6. Implore the Darken Sky
  7. The Few Upright
  8. Whatever It May Take
  9. Ecowar
  10. Naked Among Wolves
  11. The Fire
  12. Casa de Caboclo (Point Of No Return Cover, feat. Andre Moraweck - Maroon; Johannes Formella - The Destiny Program)
  13. Implore the Darken Sky (Classic Version)

Antigone (2004)



  1. Echoes (Intro)
  2. The Weapon They Fear
  3. The Only Truth
  4. Architects of the Apocalypse
  5. Voice of the Voiceless
  6. Numbing the Pain
  7. To Harvest the Storm
  8. Rìsandi Von (Outro)
  9. Bleeding to Death
  10. Tree of Freedom
  11. The Dream is Dead
  12. Deyjandi Von (Outro)
Bonus Tracks
  1. Dislocation (cover of "Dislocation" by Disembodied)
  2. Not My God (cover of "Not My God" by Hate Squad)
  3. Straßenkampf (Die Skeptiker Cover, Korean Bonus Track)

The Split Program II (2005)

Caliban And Heaven Shall Burn - The Split Program II

The Split Program II

  • Split album with Caliban, to see full track listing, visit the album page.
  1. Unleash Enlightment
  2. No One Will Shed a Tear
  3. Nyfaedd Von
  4. If This Is a Man
  5. Downfall of Christ (cover of "Downfall Of Christ" by Merauder)
  6. Destroy Fascism (Endstand Cover)

Deaf to Our Prayers (2006)


Deaf to Our Prayers

  1. Counterweight
  2. Trespassing the Shores of Your World
  3. Profane Believers
  4. Stay the Course
  5. The Final March
  6. Of No Avail
  7. Armia
  9. Biogenesis (Undo Creation)
  10. Dying in Silence
  11. The Greatest Gift of God
Japan Bonus Tracks
  1. True Belief (cover of "True Belief" by Paradise Lost)

Iconoclast (2008)



  1. Awoken
  2. Endzeit
  3. Like a Thousand Suns
  4. Murderers of all Murderers
  5. Forlorn Skies
  6. A Dying Ember
  7. Joel
  8. A Quest for Resistance
  9. Black Tears (cover of "Black Tears" by Edge of Sanity)
  10. The Bombs of My Saviours
  11. Against All Lies
  12. The Disease
  13. Equinox
  14. Atonement

Invictus (2010)



  1. Intro
  2. The Omen
  3. Combat
  4. I Was I Am I Shall Be
  5. Buried in Forgotten Grounds
  6. Sevastopol
  7. The Lie You Bleed For
  8. Return to Sanity
  9. Against Bridge Burners
  10. Of Forsaken Poets
  11. Nowhere (Therapy? Cover, Ltd. Edition Bonus Track)
  12. Given in Death (feat. Sabine Weniger; Sebastian Reichl - Deadlock)
  13. Outro

Veto (2013)

Heaven Shall Burn - Veto


  1. Godiva
  2. Land of the Upright Ones
  3. Die Stürme rufen Dich (feat. Rob Franssen; Dominik Stammen - Born From Pain)
  4. Fallen
  5. Hunters Will Be Hunted
  6. You Will Be Godless
  7. Valhalla (Blind Guardian Cover, feat. Hansi Kürsch - Blind Guardian)
  8. Antagonized
  9. Like Gods Among Mortals
  10. 53 Nations
  11. Beyond Redemption
iTunes Bonus Tracks
  1. European Super State (cover of "European Super State" by Killing Joke)
  2. River Runs Red (cover of "River Runs Red" by Life of Agony)

Wanderer (2016)

Heaven Shall Burn - Wanderer


  1. The Loss of Fury
  2. Bring the War Home
  3. Passage of the Crane
  4. They Shall not Pass
  5. Downshifter
  6. Prey to God
  7. Agent Orange (Sodom cover; deluxe edition bonus track)
  8. My Heart is my Compass
  9. Save Me
  10. Corium
  11. Extermination Order
  12. A River of Crimson
  13. The Cry of Mankind (My Dying Bride cover)

Other Songs

  1. Night Of The Werewolves

Additional information

Also known as:

Consense (1996-1997)

Years active:


Band members:

  • Marcus Bischoff - vocals
  • Maik Weichert - guitar
  • Eric Bischoff - bass
  • Alexander Dietz - guitar
  • Christian Bass - drums
  • Matthias Voigt - drums

Former members:

  • Patrick Schleitzer - guitar

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