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This song is by Heather Woods Broderick and appears on the album Glider (2015).

When I think upon the day the met
The sun was shining, in my mother's yard we sat
Later that day I got in your car and we drove west
By the end of the night, on your shoulder I rested

We're older now, and many years have passed
You've got a young one now, and you're making this one last
For the sake of my lover at the time, I let it pass
And I've tried to forget, but I do regret it

Just passed Wyoming, there's nothing around
But a broken down shell of a house in the distance
With no road to even reach it
I'm a house
I'm a house
I'm a house
And you're Wyoming
I'm a house
And you're Wyoming


Written by:

Heather Woods Broderick

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