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This song is by Headstones and appears on the album Nickels For Your Nightmares (2000) and on the compilation album The Greatest Fits (2001).

I wouldn't settle for nothing
I couldn't settle for that
I'd rather settle for something I don't believe in
Than listen to anymore of your chit chat

There's no way
That you'll win
'Cause I'm here
Starting all over again
Take back your pieces, take back your pawns
Take back your armies, I'll take back my arms
Positions don't matter, you move first
If I move last, somebody's gonna get hurt - get hurt

Cause there's one thing that's intact
They're my dreams and it's my turn to laugh
Pushed all the buttons
You pressed all the luck
Optioned the options
I don't give a
Fortunately, you move quickly
I move too fast
Nobody's winning
You know it just can't last - can't last

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