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So it's hard for to love when you can't be loved
Oh, it's hard for to change your mind
You have broke the heart of a many poor boy
Oh, you'll never break this heart of mine

So I'm goin' away but I ain't a-go'n' to stay
If I go ten thousand miles
Though I'm goin' away but I'm coming back again
If I go ten thousand miles

So you see?the turtledove
Sing in yonder's pine
It's a-grievin' over the loss of his love
Just like I grieve about mine

So the farm is fee'd like a solid block of ice
Oh, the fee run raw an' barr'n
Though the farm is fee'd like a solid block of ice
But my love for you won't care

So it's who will shoe them pretty little feet?
Oh, it's who will glove them hands?
Oh, it's who will kiss them red ruby cheeks?
Lord, I'm in some far-off land

So it's papa will shoe my pretty little feet
Oh, mama will glove my hands
Oh, sister will kiss my red ruby cheeks
And I ain't a-gonna marry no man

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