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Album by Hawkwind.
  1. You Shouldn't Do That
  2. You Know You're Only Dreaming
  3. Master of the Universe
  4. We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago
  5. Adjust Me
  6. Children of the Sun
Bonus tracks on the 1996 CD remaster:
  1. Seven by Seven
  2. Silver Machine
  3. Born to Go



  • Dave Brock: guitars, vocals, harmonica, keyboards
  • Nik Turner: saxophone, flute, vocals
  • Del Dettmar: synthesiser
  • Dave Anderson: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Terry Ollis: drums

On bonus tracks:

  • Robert Calvert: vocals
  • Lemmy: bass guitar; vocals on "Silver Machine"
  • Simon KIng: drums

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