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Album by Harry Chapin.
Harry Chapin - Remember When The Music

1987 reissue cover

  1. Sequel
  2. I Miss America
  3. Story of a Life
  4. Remember When the Music
  5. Up on the Shelf
  6. Salt and Pepper
  7. God Babe, You've Been Good for Me
  8. Northwest 222
  9. I Finally Found It Sandy
  10. Remember When the Music (Reprise)
Bonus tracks on 1987 reissue (Remember When the Music)
  1. Hokey Pokey
  2. Oh Man
Bonus tracks on 2001 reissue
  1. Sequel (Gehman Mix)
  2. Remember When the Music (extended version)
  3. Story of a Life (alternate version)
  4. Sequel (alternate mix)

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