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Harlan Howard Sings Harlan Howard (1961)

Harlan Howard - Harlan Howard Sings Harlan Howard

Harlan Howard Sings Harlan Howard

  1. Come On Home Boy
  2. She Called Me Baby
  3. Put Me Back Together Again
  4. Has Anybody Seen Me Lately
  5. Wishin' She Was Here (Instead Of Me)
  6. Maybe The Hurt Will Go Away
  7. We're Proud To Call Him Son
  8. I Hope You're Lonesome
  9. Legion Of The Lost
  10. He's Just A Little Meaner
  11. Life Goes On (I Wonder Why)
  12. Pretty Good Shape

Billboard Award Album (1965)

Harlan Howard - Billboard Award Album

Billboard Award Album

  1. Busted
  2. Heartaches By The Number
  3. Too Many Rivers
  4. I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today
  5. Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love)
  6. I've Got A Tiger By The Tail
  7. Everglades
  8. Mary Ann Regrets
  9. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
  10. Call Me Mr. In-Between
  11. I Fall To Pieces
  12. Blizzard

Mr. Songwriter (1967)

Harlan Howard - Mr. Songwriter

Mr. Songwriter

  1. You Don't Know My Mind
  2. Grey Eyes Know You
  3. Just For The Heck Of It
  4. I'll Be Gone
  5. Now Everybody Knows
  6. I'm Tired
  7. I've Gotta Leave You Baby
  8. Everybody's Baby
  9. I Wish I Felt This Way At Home
  10. Take It And Go
  11. Hello There Stranger
  12. Baby Sister

Down to Earth (1968)

Harlan Howard - Down to Earth

Down to Earth

  1. It's Nothin' To Me
  2. I Don't Mind
  3. Baby Don't Believe Him
  4. California Sunshine
  5. I Run To The Door
  6. I'd Rather Be A Fool
  7. Home From The Forest
  8. Old Podner
  9. If Only You'd Of Happened To Me (A Long Time Ago)
  10. Wine, Women And Song
  11. Call Me Up (And I'll Come Calling On You)

To The Silent Majority With Love (1971)

Harlan Howard - To The Silent Majority With Love

To The Silent Majority With Love

  1. Sunday Morning Christian
  2. Uncle Sam (I'm A Patriot)
  3. We Didn't Build This World
  4. That Little Boy Who Follows Me
  5. World Is Weighing Heavy On My Mind
  6. She Called Me Baby
  7. Three Cheers For The Good Guys
  8. Better Get Your Pride Back Boy
  9. Mister Professor
  10. I Care
  11. Little More Time
  12. Chokin' Kind

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  • b.1927 (as Harlan Perry Howard), d.2002
  • Occupation:Singer, songwriter
  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar

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