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Season 1 - In Concert

  1. I Will Be Your Friend
  2. Do The Monster Stomp
  3. Monster Hoe Down
  4. Dirty, Smelly Monster Chores
  5. Scare Up Some Fun
  6. I'm the Best at Being Me
  7. Do Re Me-Me-Me
  8. Even Monsters Cry Sometimes
  9. Get Up and Go Go Go
  10. Practice Makes Progress

Season 2 - World Tour

  1. At the Rodeo
  2. A Wonderful Time in France
  3. The Italian Way
  4. Yin & Yang
  5. Here in Australia
  6. In India
  7. Siesta Siesta
  8. Konichiwa!
  9. The Monster Tangle
  10. London Town

Season 3 - World Tour 2

  1. At New Zealand
  2. Kazakhstan Is Beautiful
  3. Grabbed by the Russian Federation
  4. Brazil Is the Best
  5. Let's Rock and Roll in Mongolia
  6. Doha is the Capital of Qatar
  7. Here And There in Sri Lanka
  8. The New Irish Way
  9. Welcome to South Korea
  10. Mess Up in Venezuela

Other Songs

  1. Sailing Over In Stormalong
  2. The Best Danish Way
  3. Twelve Days Of Christmas
  4. Well In Egypt
  5. The Magic is Latvia

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Band members:

  • Frred voiced by Rob Cantor Wikipedia16, Kurt Doss
  • L.O. voiced by Zubin Sedghi, Trevor Gagnon
  • Bluz voiced by Joe Hawley
  • Ink voiced by Hannah Leigh

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Tally Hall (real performers)


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