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This song is by Handsome Boy Modeling School and appears on the album So... How's Your Girl? (1999).

Hyposes scientifical parabolus, milytical projectile punctured

Chronicle moderate bisected, injected refractions

Computating thoughts through a terament of ground stored in a floppy

T 1 line connect, intersect riding brain waves

Like a silver surfer whale is molding hand

Perforating a family of swords,

I get metaphysical

It's a good day

Investor's toxic fumigation symmetry cochlear resort

And want to express a way through u.s. skull piece

Rat-tat-tatering of the industrian austral domes

In the form of the cats and the dogs

Defogging the mind's eye's view

In the never ending quest for Cheddar

Just call me mini as the bar ages and the fries

And for room service nervous infections

And ticks in the metaphysical land-scape

It's a good day

Epical-lyptic fusion equips secondary solved processes

Interjection over introspection, (hmm?)

Reflective imagery burned into the cornea of

Inter-dimensional trans-global marketing schemes

Lube, dreams culminating over fribrontal poetry

Intertwining sheet music epic in proportion

Rhythmatic implosions inclusive with the masses

I get metaphysical

It's a good day

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