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This song is by HSAS and appears on the album Through The Fire (1984).

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When there is no animation
We slowly lose control
I feel all caught up in this situation
It turns diamonds into coal, yeah

I feel just like our love is paralyzed
We've gotten used to being cold
In this day and age it seems uncivilized
Our loving can't be bought and sold

I feel the comforts of stagnation
We're paralyzed by precious things
By choice we walk to our damnation
Tied and bound by golden rings

When I try to talk, I can't say a word
When I try to move, a horizontal walk
I try to sing, I can't find the key anywhere
I try to touch but my nerves go numb

When there is no animation
When there is no animation
When there is no animation

But you and I don't have to fall down
Baby, we'll fly without a net
Too much temptation all around
Try not to get your feet too wet

When there is no animation


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