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3 Murders, 3 Nights

This song is by H3llb3nt and appears on the album 0.01 (1996) and on the album Helium (1998).

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Diabolic mind
Left at the scene of the crime
Ongoing terror
It even gets scarier
Move through the light
The stalker's night
Searching the prey
He will find his way
Always enraged
The blood and the pain
The first victim stammered out his name

Three murders, three nights

All is not right
The room is all white
The killer hid the body in the plainest of sight
Two steps ahead
Another was dead
He spelled out his plan in the crimson of red
Still not safe
We arrived too late
The second victim points at the third's fate

Three murders, three nights

Ten after midnight
There was no one in sight
A black twisted maze
A psycho killer craze
We got the wrong man
He has struck again
Three blows to the head
The third one is dead

Three murders, three nights

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