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We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye

This song is by Guy Lombardo and appears on the compilation Top Hits of the 1930's (2008).

We thought that love was over
That we were really through
I said I didn't love her
That we'd begin anew
And you can all believe me
We sure intended to
But we just couldn't say goodbye

The chair and then the sofa
They broke right down and cried
The curtains started wavin'
For me to come inside
I tell you confidentially
The tears were hard to hide
And we just couldn't say goodbye

The clock was striking twelve o'clock
It smiled on us below
With folded hands it seemed to say
"We'll miss you if you go"

So I went back and kissed her
And when I looked around
The room was singin' love songs
And dancing up and down
And now we're both so happy
Because at last we've found
That we just couldn't say goodbye


Written by:

Harry Woods

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