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Have a Little Faith in Me

This song is by Guy Lombardo.

I wish I could say
In my little way
How you set my heart aflame
I tremble with fear
Whenever you're near
I even forget my name
To live and love you is my only aim

My heart's humming
Better times are coming
Have a little faith in me
Skies will clear up
Just to make you cheer up
Have a little faith in me
In the distance there's a silver lining
I see it shining
And that just means success and happiness
Oh, I'll come through, dear
With the help of you, dear
Have a little faith in me

Whatever the task
Whatever you ask
I'll always be glad to do
And let me confess
I want to impress
I'm living to please just you
All that I ask is just a smile from you

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