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Album by Guy Davis.
  1. (I Believe I'll) Dust My Broom
  2. If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day
  3. Into to Wintertime Blues
  4. Wintertime Blues
  5. Georgia Rag
  6. Intro to Candy Man
  7. Candy Man
  8. Madison & the Pigs
  9. Intro to Stomp Down Rider Variation
  10. Stomp Down Rider Variation (Ft. Worth & Dallas Blues)
  11. Intro to Watch Over Me
  12. Watch Over Me
  13. Intro to Walkin' Blues
  14. Walkin' Blues
  15. Intro to Take Me Back, Babe
  16. Take Me Back, Babe
  17. Ramblin' All Over

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