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Stomp Down Rider (1995)

Guy Davis - Stomp Down Rider

Stomp Down Rider

  1. (I Believe I'll) Dust My Broom
  2. If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day
  3. Into to Wintertime Blues
  4. Wintertime Blues
  5. Georgia Rag
  6. Intro to Candy Man
  7. Candy Man
  8. Madison & the Pigs
  9. Intro to Stomp Down Rider Variation
  10. Stomp Down Rider Variation (Ft. Worth & Dallas Blues)
  11. Intro to Watch Over Me
  12. Watch Over Me
  13. Intro to Walkin' Blues
  14. Walkin' Blues
  15. Intro to Take Me Back, Babe
  16. Take Me Back, Babe
  17. Ramblin' All Over

Call Down the Thunder (1996)

Guy Davis - Call Down the Thunder

Call Down the Thunder

  1. Georgia Jelly Roll
  2. I Got the Power
  3. When You Got a Good Friend
  4. Long Train
  5. Run Sinner Run
  6. Mama's Gonna Fix It Right
  7. Jelly Bony Jelly
  8. See Me When You Can
  9. Gee the Mule
  10. Minglewood Blues
  11. Thanksgiving Day
  12. The Road Is Calling
  13. New Shoes

Butt Naked Free (2000)

Guy Davis - Butt Naked Free

Butt Naked Free

  1. Talkin' 'bout Wings 'n' Brew
  2. Waiting on the Cards to Fall
  3. Let Me Stay Awhile
  4. Writing Paper Blues
  5. Sometimes I Wish...
  6. High Flying Rocket
  7. Never Met No Woman Treats Me Like You Do
  8. Sugarbelle Blue
  9. Meet Me Where the River Turns
  10. My Rambling Ways
  11. Come on Sally Hitch a Ride
  12. Ain't No Bluesman
  13. The Place Where I Come From (Butt Naked Free)
  14. Raining in My Soul

Give in Kind (2002)

Guy Davis - Give in Kind

Give in Kind

  1. Good Liquor
  2. Loneliest Road That I Know
  3. Lay Down by My Side
  4. I Will Be Your Friend
  5. (I Love My Job)
  6. Layla, Layla
  7. Honeydew Melon Rag
  8. Six Cold Feet of Ground
  9. Grandma Is Dancing
  10. What You Doin'
  11. Watch Over Me
  12. I Don't Know
  13. Don't You Leave Me Here
  14. (Joppatowne Intro)
  15. Joppatowne
  16. God's Unchanging Hand

Legacy (2004)

Guy Davis - Legacy


  1. Uncle Tom Is Dead
  2. Pay Day
  3. Run Molly Run
  4. Come Back Baby
  5. Rolling in My Sweet Baby's Arms
  6. I Just Can't Help Loving You
  7. Drop Down Mama
  8. Things About Coming My Way
  9. Red Goose
  10. Hikin' Jerry
  11. I'm Gone
  12. See See Rider
  13. Long as You Get It Done
  14. Cypress Grove
  15. We All Need More Kindness in This World

Sweetheart Like You (2009)

Guy Davis - Sweetheart Like You

Sweetheart Like You

  1. Sweetheart Like You
  2. Slow Motion Daddy
  3. Follow Me Down
  4. Sweet Hannah
  5. Bring Back Storyville
  6. Words to My Mama's Song
  7. Down South Blues
  8. Hoochie Coochie Man
  9. Steamboat Captain
  10. Can't Be Satisfied
  11. Baby Please Don't Go
  12. Angels Are Calling
  13. Goin Back to Silver Spring
  14. Ain't Goin' Down

Kokomo Kidd (2015)

Guy Davis - Kokomo Kidd

Kokomo Kidd

  1. Kokomo Kidd
  2. Wish I Hadn't Stayed Away So Long
  3. Taking Just a Little Bit of Time
  4. She Just Wants to Be Loved
  5. Like Sonny Did
  6. Lay Lady Lay
  7. Little Red Rooster
  8. Maybe I'll Go
  9. Blackberry Kisses
  10. Have You Ever Loved Two Women (But Couldn't Make up Your Mind?)
  11. Cool Drink of Water
  12. Bumblebee Blues
  13. Wear Your Love Like Heaven

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