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Wished I Was A Giant

This song is by Guided by Voices and appears on the album Vampire On Titus (1993).

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"Wished I was a giant" said "Man get off the street!"
Spoken like a traffic cop, cronies at his feet
Turned on his radio and picked up the noise

Age rules with reason and who's to disagree?
Not Mr. Spit with his abrupt delivery
And Mr. Intelligent is just a wannabe like me

And who makes the breakfast
And who gasses the truck?
The same little bee that stung the bull
And caused the bull to buck
Only a matter of time before we have to pay

If you were 10 years younger and I was a sunbeam
"Wished I Was A Giant" said "Man, it's just a dream"
Only a matter of time before we have to pay
We have to pay

Wooh, wooh
Oh, oh


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