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Trash Can Full Of Nails

This song is by Guided by Voices and appears on the album English Little League (2013).

All dried out
In a trash can full of nails
But we'll not sit
And it will not admit to wheels

Though it's red hot
It will try not to place new trails
But lookout
Better try not to fix what fails

And as your heaven
Count all the nails and
Crawl in with numbered seven tattooed on her leg

But hell
And your opinion still prevails
But it will not float
In a fish tank without white sails

But it can wait
In a trash can full of nails
Cause drag down in a pity
And its dead weight in new city

And as your flavor
Tensify itself as false color information
Poisoned in your cave
And all right ??

Red hot snails
In a trash can full of nails
So fill your eyes
Red rose gone
Feels so lost
So alive
And realize the trash can on your head
But try not to leave a trail
But try not to leave new trail

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