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The Things That Never Need

This song is by Guided by Voices and appears on the album Let's Go Eat the Factory (2012).

Though obviously not enchanted
By the people themselves
I so enjoy painting
They are of course outrageously cartoonish
In all aspects because
They are exaggerated dirt
Usually precludes
Any detailed background
There are no room left for...
I have however done several sets
Um O My!
Larger than life
I left my wife "old fat Triksey"
She is so fat it takes seven men
To help her

Well no not really
But you didn't quite imagine him
As a bored little drone of a man
In a dirty T-shirt either
Today in a world nearly devoid
Of such things as sideshows
We casually except
Most of the television
Television! Ya,
In our hearts
And our washers
That never need

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