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Shoddy Clothes

This song is by Guided by Voices and appears on the album Suitcase 2: American Superdream Wow (2005).

Fantastic planet
Fantastic man

Everywhere you go
There's something waiting for you

I'll buy you everything
That's if I can

Run around
With my ass hanging out for you

If you must know
I'll try to simulate it
Darling, trust your own
And if you believe
And shot him in down
In shoddy clothes
I'll try to realize it
I research it anyway

I'm tired of telling you
I can do it all for you

Everything I say
Gets twisted all of my ways

You don't say you love me
And you don't clean my cage

Push me out in front
I'll wash for you
Fantastic planet
I'm surely going home
You don't have to tell me
Like you
And shot him down in shoddy clothes
Mouth dried and eyes dilated
Push you up
Dress you down
As they push you out

Shot him down in shoddy clothes
Mouth dried and eyes dilated

Some day
Mouth dried and eyes dilated
In shoddy clothes
Shoot shoddy clothes
Bad weather
Bad, bad, bad weather
Shoddy clothes
Bad, bad, bad weather

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