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Sawhorse With Big Blue Ears

This song is by Guided by Voices and appears on the album Suitcase 3: Up We Go Now (2009).

I got a sawhorse with big blue ears never came
In and nail you to the cross
Baby come down to the big boss' house
I'm on top, on top of the world

She's such a good girl, yeah
Momma ma'am bo, time a tame bong
She's a big gun riffle
A big gun riffle girl

Tell me to my face, baby baby
Should I be a big boy astronaut, policeman, big cop,
Big cup, astronaut, big boy
Big man, bibg dude, creep a lot
Creep around, stay around
Stay around you big man

You should be a sugar bell
Think about
Think about the things you do

I, I, I

Well, where I go gonna pound it in a stone
Shouldn't it keep my way
She's gonna go till she goes

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