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Perhaps We Were Swinging

This song is by Guided by Voices and appears on the album Delicious Pie & Thank You For Calling (2003).

Through four of us, who's the sign?
Better left alone
Pedistals for everyone
Hold your ground, tote that gun
Hanker down
Free to choose
Take a chance win or lose

Organized chaos, it's the best
We know where everything is
We're so lucky to be just bored
Faces in the crowd
Patients in the ward
Close your eyes
Make it real
Exercise the way you feel

Not in a million laughs
This is for you
Look between photographs
Nothing is true

Through the meetings of the minds
Many make us smile
Miracle cure for the pain
Badges and flags to keep us sane
In the time it will take
For the cradle not to break and fall
Perhaps we were swinging it's true
I'm glad it did something for you
Not me

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