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Males Of Wormwood Mars

This song is by Guided by Voices and appears on the album Cool Planet (2014).

Mental life in the public health department
You're with it
I need to be outta sight

They wrote as if nature itself had commanded
Get with it
Or we have your number

The ultimate surface map
Bearing familiar objects
Country space menage
We have your rope - enough of it

Throw down your magic and give up, you're under arrest
Make ahead go back
And do no longer hack on

The loser's grip is filled with modern poets
You're in it
The best seat in the river

In the black puddle of stars
In the torso of a shake
From romantic Earthforms
The visitor reveals his knowledge
To us now
His many contacts
A drop of secret blood
Of anything to be part
We shall strive
Skinned alive...

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