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It's Food

This song is by Guided by Voices and appears on the album August by Cake (2017).

Facing the stars
And voices of angels
Nourishing words
To flesh and blood and bone

It's down to
The red team vs. the blue team

Scanning the bars
The choices of mortals
Indigenous jars
Will get you out of jams

It's up to
The old team vs. the new team

What must we do to survive?
The gods know the answer
Better than I
Like more persuasive snakes

It's food

From what I have seen
(What have you seen?)
A world full of people
Their bellies full of lies
Of mystery meats and pies

Of food
It's food

We can kill them
But we can't film them

We can can them
But we can't scan them
Scam them

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