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I Am Columbus

This song is by Guided by Voices and appears on the album Motivational Jumpsuit (2014).

It's never wrong
You see it now
You disappear that much
Off in the distance

She's laid out by solution
In her vitality
She's off in the distance
And she's waiting for me

I am Columbus
With wings to take us
I'm taking it back
I'm drinking your wine

I seek the world
You take it back
For reappearing such
Made out of focus

There are silent traps
For you in your thinking
It's closer for grasping
I'm a ring thrower

I am Columbus
With nicotine animals
From recent surgery
Tell me where is your lounge?

And it's never wrong
The point of direction
The choice of the song
The task of selection
The task of selection
The task of selection

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