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Hi, I'm Kelsey

This song is by Guided by Voices and appears on the album Suitcase 3:Up We Go Now (2009).

Girl 1: Hi! Who is this?
Girl 2: Hello? Is this a message machine?
Girl 1: I gotta go fart! I'm farting.
Girl 2: Who is this?
Girl 1: I farted.
Girl 2: Who is this?
Girl 1: That's Kelsey.
Girl 2: No! Hi Katelyn. Hi Katelyn.
Girl 1: I'm not Katelyn. I'm Kelsey.
Girl 2: Katelyn?
Girl 1: Not to you I'm Kelsey.
Girl 2: Hi Kelsey. You sound like Katelyn.
Girl 1: I'm not. I'm Kelsey.
Girl 2: Then talk in your regular voice.
Girl 1: No!
Girl 2: I'm wondering where you are.
Girl 1: Where am I?
Girl 2: In mom and dad's room.
Girl 1: Oh yes I am! It smells in here because I farted.
Girl 2: Okay I'm leaving.
Girl 1: Okay bye! Hello.
Girl 2: (don't know what she said)
Girl 1: I farted again. I fucked it.
Girl 2: Hello?
Girl 1: Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. (dials phone)
Girl 2: Who you calling?
Girl 1: Pineapple (?)
Girl 2: Kelsey you still on the phone?
Girl 1: Yup.
Girl 2: Stay on.
Girl 1: Stay on?

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