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This song is by Guided by Voices and appears on the Japanese edition of Under the Bushes Under the Stars (1996).

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A lie that's of no aim which follows
Secrets bleeding to you
Painted over beauty
With tattoos of pink and blue

Parlor games in time
Will rob you of the energy which loves you
Do you see that soon
I won't be able to weep for you?

I will weep for you
I will preach the truth but it won't be truth
I will reach for you
I will contact you with an outstretched will because

Some of them are astral city slickers
Shrewd and untrustworthy
Leaving you asphyxiated
Trapped in a world within

Subtle claws have scratched the lining
Leave you hanging on to your skin
Monitors of your monopolies
Though soon they will come again

They will turn you in
They will turn you in and I know they will
They will come again
They were here before and they're after Joe again

When I get tired it always happens
There comes a lonely man saying
Don't walk away from those who wanna reach you

They will reach for you
They will reach for you
They will reach for you
They will reach for you

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