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Broken Brothers

This song is by Guided by Voices.

Straight up
To the drummer and the test
Tried to reach us
Searching out from east to west
Hold back
Every secret in the dust
All directions
Working out for both of us

And collecting steam
All busting out
Like broken street pipes
Like imitation skin
Together you and me
The elbow and the knee
Blasted but it's easy
To piece the sky to together
Patch it up again

Wait up
Never felt concerned
Vowed to leave us
With no promise to return
Straight up
From a world of window bars
Got so far out
That we lost the sun and stars

And we copped our heads
Sideways to learn
To be shun out of heaven
That sits between the eyes
But when we pulled back
Opens up the gate
And the devil may care
To bring us back together
Patch it up again

Patch it up again
Patch it up again
Patch it up again
Patch it up again

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