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Airshow '88

This song is by Guided by Voices and appears on the album Same Place The Fly Got Smashed (1990).

You brought me down. You ruined me. You and your family. You ruined me.
I did not.
You certainly did.

Get ready for excitement and adventure.

Let's go

The smell was overwhelming
For the carnivore
And packed in like wet cement
Frozen with fear

The message at the traffic circle
The colorful flyers all over town

The sun was shining bright
And the sun was outta sight
Let's move on

It was high noon amidst the masses
I felt like a bottom feeder
As slowly out of frustration

We began drinking
To forget about our jobs

Let's go, let's stay
Let's run away
The burning wings are saying things
The chemical air is in my hair

Let's go, let's stay
All fucking day


Written by:

Jim Pollard / Robert Pollard

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