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My Name Is Gretchen (1979)

Gretchen (BR) - My Name Is Gretchen

My Name Is Gretchen

  1. 1-2-3 (One-Two-Three)
  2. Rock'n Roller
  3. Boogie Boogie
  4. Me Gusta el Cha-Cha-Cha
  5. I Love You, Je T'Aime
  6. Freak le Boom Boom
  7. Shake Shake Aia!
  8. My Name Is Gretchen (Sexy Star)

You and Me (1981)

Gretchen (BR) - You and Me

You and Me

  1. Carmem Miranda
  2. You and Me
  3. Give Me Love
  4. Ricordi
  5. Quiero ser libre
  6. Conga, Conga, Conga
  7. Do You Wanna Love?
  8. Climax in the Space

Lonely (1982)

Gretchen (BR) - Lonely


  1. Mambo, Mambo, Mambo
  2. Melo do Piripipi (Je Suis La Femme)
  3. My Man of Love
  4. It's All Right
  5. Disco Show Medley
  6. Y te amare
  7. Opus 69

Gretchen (1983)

Gretchen (BR) - Gretchen


  1. Melô do Pata Pata (Aie So Mama Ie Pata Pata)
  2. Ela Tem Raça, Charme, Talento e Gostosura
  3. Veneno
  4. Chá Chá Chá Boom Boom
  5. Coochie-Coochie
  6. Baby
  7. Aerobic (Ginástica)
  8. Toda Manana
  9. Give Me Your Love
  10. Super Sexy

Latino Americana (1987)

Gretchen (BR) - Latino Americana

Latino Americana

  1. Do You Like Boom Boom?
  2. Latino Americana (Soy fuego)
  3. Je t'aime moi non plus
  4. Love Is Love
  5. I Was Born to Love You
  6. Pout Pourri: Boleros
  7. Te quiero ácércate
  8. Sueño tropical
  9. Do bidu dam dam
  10. Comment ça va

Gypsy (1988)

Gretchen (BR) - Gypsy


  1. Gypsy (Czardas)
  2. Give It Up in Vain
  3. Shaking My Boy
  4. Those Were the Days
  5. Monster Party
  6. Colombiar
  7. No Sigo Contigo Amigo
  8. Baralho (Baraja)
  9. Pillow Talk
  10. Diamante Mujer

Cheiro e Chamego (1990)

Gretchen (BR) - Cheiro e Chamego

Cheiro e Chamego

  1. Cheiro e Chamego
  2. Tá na Hora
  3. Luar de Amor
  4. Xamegando
  5. Bailarina (The Boxer)
  6. Siboney
  7. No Passo do Deboche
  8. Onde Andará Você
  9. Magia do Amor
  10. Tô Que Tô

Vem Me Ver (1993)

Gretchen (BR) - Vem Me Ver

Vem Me Ver

  1. Vem Me Ver
  2. Freak le Boom Boom
  3. Sha, Na, Na
  4. Arte Final
  5. La Salsa
  6. Não Há Sede Que Resista
  7. Conga, Conga, Conga
  8. Ai Amor
  9. Voule Fouche (Frisson)
  10. La Rumba

Sexy, Charme e Dance (1995)

Gretchen (BR) - Sexy, charme e dance

Sexy, Charme e Dance

  1. Coisas do Meu Coração (cover of "For All We Know" by Larry Meredith)
  2. The Summer Is Magic (cover of "The Summer Is Magic" by Playahitty)
  3. Não Vou Deixar de Amar (cover of "Não Vou Deixar de Amar" by Mauro Sérgio)
  4. Baby Não Vá (cover of "Lady Don't Cry" by Red Velvet)
  5. Oh! Carol (cover of "Oh! Carol" by Carlos Gonzaga)
  6. Seu Amor ou Nada
  7. Quero Ter Você
  8. Tempos de Prazer (cover of "Sweet Dreams" by La Bouche)
  9. Feelings (cover of "Feelings" by Morris Albert)
  10. Sexy
  11. Freak le Boom Boom / Conga, Conga, Conga
  12. Charme e Dance

Additional information

Artist information:

Born: 1959

Real name:

Gretchen is a performance name for Maria Odete Brito de Miranda.

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  • Sula Miranda


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