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My Pa, He Came Home Quiet as the Evening

This song is by Greg Brown and Dick Pinney and appears on the Live album Hacklebarney (1974).

My pa, he came home quiet as the evening in his worn out shoes
I could tell by his shoulders
That he had the blues
He said, "Son, you're mother's gone away
When she'll come back I could not say
Hey, will you play me a tune?"

So I strummed some little song
About how nothing lasts for long
His lips were trembling. He looked old
He touched my arm. His hand was cold
When the song was done
We watched the setting of the sun
And heard the wild birds singing

It was so quiet in the house
We spoke in our lowest voices

As I thought of all the missing noises
I knew I loved that man
Even though I'd been afraid
If I told a lie or come home late
I always knew we had a place
Let's go cut a tree down!
Pa, let's go cut a tree down!
My mother lives in the city
In a place that gives you all the things
You need to live a happy hidden life
My pa, in a few years
He'll be moving to the mountains
Moving to the crowded mountains
Of our land

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