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This song is by Greg Brown and Dick Pinney and appears on the Live album Hacklebarney (1974).

Woke up too early to Gramma calling me
Gramp played that banjo
Clean past midnight
Walked out through the porch door
And got spooked by a vulture
I was only ten
And singing "School's out, school's out, school's out"

The sun comes first
The rain comes at last
Hope for the future
Tears for the past
Teacher lets the fools out to scatter
Like dandelions in June
And everyone and everybody
Tries to shoot the moon
Oh Cityslicker Dude
What you gonna do?
The chickens'll peck you
The cows won't come home
Well I'll be a hunter
'Til death makes me cry
And ruins my day
In a thorny rabbit thicket
In south Ioway
I seen a big buck
Played my Sears guitar
Kissed and felt my cousin
Ruby lips and pony tail
Got my heart broke
Smoked a cigarette
Hiding in the woods and singing
"School's out, school's out for good"

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