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This song is by Greg Brown and Dick Pinney and appears on the Live album Hacklebarney (1974).

Candy wrappers and small town dirt
Under the dumb sun away we'll blow
Old man down in a pop bottle ditch
Lookin', for somethin', nobody goin' to throw

Like the sand or snow
And all the people say they wanna know
Where you gonna go

The road is crowded and woods are all zoned
But, there's plenty of room if you don't know where to go
If you've got the ache
But you ain't got the cure
If you're fed up and hungry
If you're
Like the cold salt sea
Like that one weird song
You just can't find no melody

Everybody's talking 'bout the road and home
Everybody's got a taste of love to loan
Everybody's got a watch of dizzy time
They say "how you doin' at your hustle?"
I say
"I'm driftin'
Hiding in culverts from the rain
Nervous as a young hobo
Watching trains"

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