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Tell You A Story

This song is by Greg Brown.

I've been thinkin' all about you
Out here on the cold and lonesome road
And sometimes I feel like shoutin'
But I hold it in till I get home
And I'm a-gonna throw my arms around you
Make sure that we're all alone
I'm savin' up the dreams that surround you
I'm gonna tell them to you all night long

Oh I'm gonna tell you a story
I'll whisper in your ear soft and low
Baby make a little time for me
It's a story you might like to know
It's about our love and glory
Just needs your imagination to come true
I'm gonna tell you a story
And I ain't gonna tell it to nobody but you

I can't put it in a letter
Can't even tell you on the phone
It's gonna be so much better
When we're together all alone
I'll pour out some champagne wine
Fill our glasses to the top
Then I'm gonna tell you a story
And baby I might never ever stop

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