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Someday When We're Both Alone

This song is by Greg Brown and appears on the album Further In (1996).

Someday when we're both alone we'll get together
Someday when we're both alone
We'll find out if our dreams are all that they seem
Find out if our place is a home

A long long time I been, ah, lookin' at you
Long time you been lookin' at me
Most times it's just, "hey, how ya doin'?"
Sometimes I get so weak in my knees

Someday when we're both alone ...

Rain don't always fall when we want it
You know the sun don't always shine
I ain't sure what I read in your eyes
When they look so deep into mine

Someday might of come, someday might of gone
Someday may never be the one
I wonder if you wonder as the years go along
I said I wonder

Someday when we're both alone ...

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