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Pretty One More Time

This song is by Greg Brown and appears on the album Covenant (2000).

All the leaves are turning
And the fields are clear
There's a fire burning
I wish you were here

Pretty one more time
Pretty one more time
Before we're down the line
Pretty one more time

And the light is raining
From a midwest sky
I'm all through explaining
Goodbye to goodbye

It's getting dark so early
I walked all afternoon
All I see so clearly
Will be gone so soon

And a dim light beckons
From a roadside bar
I'll stop in I reckon
I have already come this far

Find a place by the window
I've been here before
Babe don't be a no-show
Come on through that door

I'll write you a letter
I know you feel the fall
Things may not get better
But we can always stall

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