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Never Shine Sun

This song is by Greg Brown and appears on the live album One Night (1983).

Oh the night is long when I'm all alone
Long as a wire looking for a telephone
I want to take all those nights
Where we was lonesome and blue
String them all back together and spend them all with you.

Never shine sun,
Let the moon stay above
I wanna keep on keepin'
On lovin' my love.

Hey, Mr. Rooster, get yourself a backpack,
Catch yourself a night flight
Grab yourself a catnap
Hey, Mr. Songbird, go visit your cousin
That pretty one you've been missin'
I think she lives down in Tucson.

Go shine on Canada on the windchill factor
Go shine on Russia - help them build another tractor
Shine on LA - climb up and down the charts
Shine on Washington, D.C. and warm up their cold hearts.
Shine on Shreveport, St. Louie or Kokomo
Jus' don't shine here for another week or so.

There's a drop of dew hanging on each blade of grass
Hang on and tremble - don't let the night pass
Light on the horizon - linger on and on
Oh, it's jus' some city - it can't be the dawn.

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