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Loneliness House

This song is by Greg Brown and appears on the album Slant 6 Mind (1997).

I went into the loneliness house,
Went on in and I locked the door,
Seen a lot of trouble when I was out and about,
I might not come out no more.

Pulled down the shades in the loneliness house,
I don't like it when the light's too bright,
People in the neighborhood, I seen 'em shout,
"You're right down the street from Love and Delight."

Sometimes my baby gets so sad,
She stopped by the other day,
I wouldn't answer and she got mad,
She said, "When you gonna come back out and play?"

Like an old grizzly down in his den,
Snorting and growling and turning about,
Maybe if I smell Spring on the wind,
I might think about coming back out.

It gets pretty quiet in the loneliness house,
There is trouble in the city, everybody screaming,
Once in a while I look out,
And it seems like you're just better off dreaming.

It gets kind of lonely in the loneliness house,
But the rain will freeze and the sun will scorch,
I hate to leave my dreams and doubts,
But I think I might go sit on the porch

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