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Living In A Prayer

This song is by Greg Brown and appears on the album Covenant (2000).

Everybody looks like someone I just saw five minutes ago
If I looked too far in the mirror I know I'd have to run
From copper harbour way down to acapulco
Where the sun shines on the moon and the moon gives it back to everyone
I'm living in a prayer

Every time I turn around some ghost wants to buy me a beer
Feel like I'm living in a trashy novel where plot's the only thing
The fire's out the smoke has blown but still nothing is clear
I could swear it's a summer day but then why am I freezing
I should be there

Why god let us meet at this time I have no idea
Maybe I have paid for my sins by now or I don't have long to live
The meadowlark's song in the evening is not as sweet as the one you sing to me
I will dig deep in my pockets
See what boyhood treasures I can give
You should be here
I should be there
Long as I'm in your heart
I'm living in a prayer

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