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Kate's Guitar

This song is by Greg Brown and appears on the live album In the Hills of California (2004).

If I had a peaceful heart
It would look like this-
Some trees & hills, a creek
By which to kiss-
The fog would be this cool,
The hawk would sail that far,
And the song I'd hear
Would come from Kate's guitar

I know why we live
& I know why we die-
I know why we laugh
& I know why we cry
But I don't know how this
Color of sky invites the evening star
& I don't know how such peacefulness
Found a home in Kate's guitar-

In the hills of California
Lovers struggle on-
There's discussions in the kitchen,
A tired embrace at dawn-
Kate left but I don't think
She really went that far-
Sometimes I swear there's
More than two hands
Playing Kate's guitar

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