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Joy Tears

This song is by Greg Brown and appears on the album The Evening Call (2006).

I woke up this morning wishing it would rain.
All this heat and dryness is messing with my brain.
Want to see some thunderheads rising up above the Great Plains.
I woke up this morning kissing the pillow where your head has lain.

People who say they understand love, they are either a liar or a fool.
Love can be so kind, then turn right around and be so cruel.
My old heart is just as stubborn as a mule.
I woke up this morning, my love was shining like a jewel.

When you start your singing, honey, the heavens open up with grace.
It comes right from your heart, it's such an open place.
Whatever had me down is gone without a trace.
I woke up this morning with joy tears on my face

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