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I Wish I Was A Painter

This song is by Greg Brown and appears on the album One More Goodnight Kiss (1988).

In these hills is every color,
Every one but one or two.
If I knew how to paint pictures,
Just think of what I could do.

I wish I was a painter,
And could mix red, green and blue.
Oh, I wish I was a painter-
I'd paint a picture for you.

Blue sky is such a companion,
If you had some to hang on your wall,
Then could you ever be sorry,
When night came nightly at all?

And the seasons turning colors,
If I could paint Summer for you,
Then in the deep of the Winter,
You could have some Summer too.

Here in the hills of the Ozarks,
I've seen almost every hue.
And I just wish I could catch them,
I'd turn your wall into a view.

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