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I Slept All Night By My Lover

This song is by Greg Brown and appears on the album In the Dark with You (1985).

Lookin' out my window, glad to see another dawn
A few cars strugglin through the snow
It's so hard to believe it could all be here and gone
So quickly that we wouldn't even know
And I slept all night by my lover

She trembles in her sleep, deep in a bad dream
I touch her brow and she ceases shaking
Why should I sleep with such a lovely watch to keep
In an hour or so the children will be waking
And I slept all night by my lover

Madmen with guns stalk the deer at night
And bring down the dark the whole world over
Even in my dreams I see their shining eyes
And they pierce me and leave me with no cover
And I slept all night by my lover

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