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Hillbilly Girl

This song is by Greg Brown and appears on the album Down In The Valley: Barn Aid Benefit Concert (2001).

There's a girl standing on a red mud road
Looking up at Legel's Hill
She has never been much farther than that
But she knows someday she will

Hillbilly girl - a big big world

She is strumming on a catalog guitar
Singing songs she's always known
She has her father's will and her mother's clear eyes
And a wild heart all her own

She is wondering where that red road goes
As the stars come out above
Will she make it to the lights of the city bright
Will she find someone to love

Now a woman stands on that same old road
With her father's hand in her own
And though mother is gone still those clear eyes
Shine bright as they've ever shown

Yes the girl is the woman and the woman was the girl
Many an old song she still can strum
And yes she made it to the lights of the city bright
But she never forgot where she's from

Hillbilly girl - a big big world

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