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This song is by Greg Brown and appears on the live album One Night (1983).

Well, yes, I could stay home, read a book or two,
Try to get a little bit better at some of these bad things I do.
But the night it is young; so am I for a while,
So I put on my hat and coat and pants and my boots and smile.
And I'm a gonna go

Downtown, downtown tonight,
I'm a gonna go all around the town, check out all the sights,
I will be back in the mornin', feelin' bad or good,
Well, I do what I want, and I don't do what I should.

Well, some people tell me that they love the mountains best,
Far as I can see it's just one big wilderness.
I've seen squirrels writin' tickets, dolphins drivin' cars,
Blowfish blowin' tubas, grizzly bears in the bars.
And I'm a gonna go

Well now if you've ever checked it out, you know just what I mean,
There's always a few surprises in that same old scene.
You might meet some fella who can really blow the horn,
Make you glad for a change you done got born.
Don't ya wanna go

Yes, I might get lucky, run into my friend, Jane,
Walk to her apartment in the shiny city rain.
Put on a little record; I get so long and tall,
I wish I was the wallpaper; Jane could be the wall.
And I'm a gonna go

Yeah and when those lights come up, so soon, so soon,
We might sit and play some music in that trashed-out livin' room.
Keep playin' that music till the dawn's early light,
Laugh like no one's business,
Man ain't that the life.
And I'm a gonna go

Have you ever known the magic hour just before the dawn?
When the mornin' is still sleeping, but the night is not yet gone.
And you're walkin' home from some little joint with someone you love,
With the moon and stars and the bells and birds all ringin' up above.
Don't ya wanna go

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