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This song is by Greg Brown and appears on the album The Evening Call (2006).

I fell in love like a drunk in a pond
That twisted gal of whom I was fond
She found a new man on the internet
Wham I'm spam and it's cold and dark and wet

Tell me what is a fella supposed to do
When a car costs what a house used to
And a house is a pile of chipboard, paint, and debt
I'm at the city limits and it's cold and dark and wet

Big rig rolling over me in a blizzard
I'm living on beans and chicken gizzards
One day I was young, the next day I was old
Late November, it's wet and dark and cold

Jobs, I guess they're like wild geese
They all went flying overseas
I'm standing in the rain smoking my last cigarette
Morning in America is cold and dark and wet

Christmas lights are going up
I could use a little joy juice in my cup
Life is not a walk across the park
Not when it's wet and cold and dark

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